Le Feu Follet. In the Port of Antwerp, a passer-by comes to the aid of three sailors looking for a girl whose address they have. Thus begins a journey full of hope and disappointment, a tragic and absurd adventure. 4 Special Features.

Moins morte que les autres. An autobiographical film, and a poignant testimony on the deaths of Frans Buyens' brother, father and mother. More than just a plea for the right to die in dignity; the real subject of this film is human life and human nature. 9 Special Features.

Du temps pour être heureux. The inter-relationships of a dissatisfied unemployed man, his mistress, a middle-class woman and an exhuberant and fragile young girl. Despite its subject, the film is light-hearted. 3 Special Features .

Là où toussent les petits oiseaux. A satire in the form of a fable, on the pollution of the environment and of the mind, interspersed with danced episodes. 4 Special Features, including the short film "Laissez-moi au moins un peu de soleil", children's drawings of the city of the future.

Tangotango. A musical film with no dialogue except in the introduction, performed by 21 young mentally handicapped members of the Stap Theatre who offer a spectacle which is amusing, grotesque, absurd and full of joy. 5 Special Features.

Sarah dit... Leïla dit... Film performed by two actresses. The filmmaker is witness as two women exchange confidences on their experiences as children in concentration camps - Sarah under the Nazis, Leila under the Japanese. They allowed the producer to film their exchanges. Except for the names they are given in the film, their stories are true. 3 Special Features.

Pour un sourire d'enfant. Shows the range of ways in which children are abused, from the child's point of view. The film is set in a hospital for dolls and puppets, and a clown, a fairy-tale figure and pediatric specialists also take part. 9 Special Features, including: a) Additional information on child abuse; b) The art of bringing up children; c) List of useful addresses for help in Belgium.

Chacun de nous. Through a mxiture of interviews and fiction, the film deals with the problem of responsability and the results of one's actions. 3 Special Features.