Vercors and August Vermeylen 1 DVD.
Vercors, the French caricaturist, writer and philisopher, talks on subjects including man's responsability. 3 Special Features, uncluding "Un souvenir" of Frans Buyens written by Vercors and spoken by Marcel Dossogne.
August Vermeylen, humanist, socialist and writer, contributed greatly to the spiritual awakening of Flanders. 2 Special Features.

Frans Masereel 2 films, 1 DVD.
a- J'aime le noir et le blanc (I like black and white), a conversation with this exceptional Flemish wood engraver, including an analysis of his work on anti-militarism.
b- Frans Masereel : Aspects de son oeuvre (Frans Masereel : Aspects of his work), works which are still reproduced today in art books on Masereel. An original study of his engravings, drawings, watercolours and other paintings, enhanced by a musical score composed by Etienne Verschueren. 4 Special Features.

Frits van den Berghe An in-depth analysis of the work of the most important Flemish Expressionist and fantastic painter and designer. A thourough exploration of the work of this remarkable artist. In this "silent" film, the images are enhanced by a score composed by Arsène Souffriau. 2 Special Features.

De Brakeleer - Lacasse - Rodna Two Belgian painters and a Romanian woman painter. Three generations of artists, each with a highly personal view of life, nature and objects. 1 DVD, 2 Special Featrures on the three artists.

L'aube triomphera toujours de la nuit (Dawn will always triumph over night) Portrait of two resistance members, Fleurs en bouton dans le coeur abritées (Buttonholes sheltered in the heart) : Portraits of 2 resistance female members - extracts from the second part of Savoir Pourquoi. Each portrait is divided into three parts: - life before war, - resistance during the war, - attitude after the war. 1 DVD, 2 Special Features.

Jusqu'à mon dernier souffle (Until I breathe my last) : A portrait of Frans Buyens by Gerrit Messiaen. A brief glimpse of the history, society and life which filmmaker and author Frans Buyens lived, described and filmed between 1960 and 1999. 1 Special Feature.

Duo-Portrait The film tells of the close collaboration during more than 30 years between filmmakers-authors Frans Buyens and Lydia Chagoll. 8 Special Features.